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Partical boxes protect the shipping of slabbed comics and Gamma (raw book ComicShield) containers. You just need the shield and a 1095 USPS box. That’s it! No more mountains of bubble wrap, tape, and who knows what else... What is your time worth? How about knowing you’re giving your precious cargo a 250% better crunch defense than anything else out there. You are protecting corners and edges like never before.

Partical Shield is what we call it, but it ships slabs. Each container holds between one and four slabs at a time. Or, you can combine one or two slabs and a GammaShield container to ship slabs and raw books simultaneously. You can also ship two GammaShield's to deliver around 20 raw comics in a single shipment.

Again, this is designed as a container, to fit snugly into the United States Postal Service 1095 medium sized Priority Mailer. These free shippers give another layer to allow the ComicShield to do its job.

These are available with custom artwork, as well.

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