ComicShield is a new technology built for the best value, quality, and protection in the comic trading world. There was a hole in the collectable universe, so we put our engineers to work to craft the ultimate defense to protect against the harsh conditions of the shipping industry. Thanks to an array of particle technology, quad enforced corners, friction stability, and oxygen-filled crumple zones; you’ll never need to use inferior old-world tactics like painter’s tape, bubble wrap, packing tape, and other random bits to fend off the austere environments they encounter.

Our Philosophy

The foundation of this business is built on very simple principles.


TRUST. Trust is the most important commodity in the world, and it's our top priority on all three levels:


Competence - Ability to do it

Sincerity - Do what we say

Care - Investment in the outcome

We are determined to prove our ability to deliver the highest quality product at reasonable cost. We are sincere in our actions. Ultimately, we care about the results... YOUR results. 

Artwork Specs

If you are submitting artwork, please use the following guidelines.

Our preference is vector (line-art) in AI, EPS, PDF, or CDR file formats. This typically ensures crisp art at any size.

If you don't have vector art, we accept high resolution raster-based art in TIF, JPG, PNG, and PSD formats. What constitutes hi-res? Files should be at least 300 dpi at their actual size to ensure crisp art.


Should you have any questions beyond the above, please submit a question through our contact page.